YZ 426F gearing

I am new to riding. I went out with some buddies in the woods. I was on a YZF 426F. The bike at idle in first gear was going way faster than anyone else. I believe it is stock gearing... a 49 sprocket in back and stock in front. What gears should I go to slow the bike down? first gear in my bike was like 2 gear in my buddies kawasaki 250F. I rode his bike and like being able to get into 2 and 3rd gear. What gears are recomeneded. I hope that makes sense.

Also is there any way to get a lower seat. I cant put both feet on the ground while sitting on the seat. I wish I could.

If you go up in the rear or down in the front it will make your bike slower at the top end, but youll be able to get into second or third more (like on tight trails)

I am thinking of doing this to my 400 because I never use 4th or 5th except when tearing down the street, which doesnt happen that much so its useless.

Here in California I ride tight trails with a 12 in the front and a 51 in the rear... This helped me from stalling all the time... You may want to consider a fly wheel weight also...

My '00 426 was stock with a 49 rear. For woods I initially changed it to a 52. Since then I added the Free Power Now, an accelerator pump cover (R&D I believe) and changed some jetting as I moved up to the Rocky Mountains.With the improved throttle response and lower end I went to a 51, now I'm running a 50 in the woods. Almost back to stock...

I ride with a 12/51. A lot of woods riding and hill climbing and it's perfect. Made a huge difference(from a 13/49) works fine in desert too! No need to go that fast anyways

Lower seat ?

Remove your seat... take out the staples. Take out a turkey carving knife (thats what I used) and shave the seat to the height you want (keep in mind you dont want to hurt your ass sitting on it). Smooth out the edge of the seat, and put the leather back on the seat. Heat it up with a heatgun / blowdrier, and stretch it over the seat (There will be excess on the bottom due to missing foam). Staple it back in. Wala! 2.5 -3 inches saved on your bike.

You can also get a lowering link for it... I Got one from mountain motorsports for $200 and loved it. 15 minutes to install, another 1.2-2 inches down.

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