No BK mod for me?

Well, I set out last night making the BK mod to my 01 426. Had the carb off already for a session of cleaning filter oil out of the air jets (don't ask). I drilled the hole, no prob, then started tapping, going along no problem when SNAP! The tap broke!! Now I am left with the end of the tap stuck in the hole.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I have pics of the disaster if it would help with suggested remedies. AAUUGGHH!!

Ken the Tap Buster

Just a guess here, but I'd pull out the broken tap, and just go one bigger.

Dodger :):D


how deep the tap go in?

can you use a pair of needle nose to back it out from the inside ?

If not then get a pair of surgicle clamps real fine or get a pair of real fine needle nose plyers. You shoudl be able to work the tap back out with out damaging it.

If the tap is almost thruogh then finsh it up by using the needle nose to finish the taping.

Its alluminum it should cut easly

Lots of wd-40 to blow out the debrie first

Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately the tap was about half way through when it broke. I tried needle nose pliers, but there is not enough of the tap sticking out to get ahold of it. I tried to tap counter-clockwise on what is left of the tap to back it out as well, no luck. At this point I think I only have 2 options; leave it in and forget the mod, or cut a small slice into the stop with a dremel until I get to the remaining tap, then cut the tap, it may come out then. At this point I am leaning towards forgetting the mod altogether, since I am not sure how much it will help.

take the carb to a machine shop...

trust me the mod is worth it


Are you able to use a smaller drill bit from the other side to help complete a hole through?

This may loosen up the tap to hopefully get it out. By using the smaller drill bit it will 'pilot' a hole for the tap when you get back on track. Or you can machine shop it like Mark_UK mentioned. Good luck! TC

[ August 22, 2002, 08:05 PM: Message edited by: Sweet on my_WR_ 426 ]

I agree with Mark from the UK. TAKE IT TO A MACHINE SHOP. Go to the broken tap experts. It will take them 2 minutes to take it out. And they will clean up what is left. They might not even charge you... Good luck.

OK, you guys have convinced me to take it to a machine shop. At least they will have a shot at taking it out. Thanks for all the suggestions from everyone. I guess I am too much of a tinkerer to leave it alone, sometimes this is not a good thing. I will let you all know how it turns out!

Try using a tap extractor. In case you never heard of or seen one, it has 3 fingers that go into the flutes of the broken tap. They work real good!

Good Luck...

well I you read this before you take it. Make sure thay have a Sinker EDM or a small hole EDM at the machine shop as this process is one that will not damage your carb in any way

just leave it alone and mark it up as a learning expierience. What happens if something bad happens to the carb when you are messing with it. leave it. you might be sorry.


I once had a broken exhaust manifold stud removed from the head of my motorhome. They did it with sound waves!?!? It broke the stud into pieces, but left the softer metal of the head alone. I'll be dipped if it didn't work perfectly. This was some shop in So Cal that my mechanic sent it to. I don't know if you have someone local that does this, but it might work in a pinch. Better than a new carb body.


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