05 yz450f dip stick issue

When I remove the disptick located on the left side of the frame near the handlebars oil comes pouring out. I have opened it when the bikes hot and when its cold and copious amounts of oil still comes out... I even removed the drain bolt on the bottom of the bike, and the screw where you add more oil and when there was just alittle oil trickeling out of the drain I took out the dipstick and still oil gushed out.... I thought there was some sort of clog so I wiped the hole of the dipstick clean and blew on it and I didnt feel any resistance and oil came out of the drain on the bottom like I assume it should...

any yz owners know what the deal is? its annoying not being able to check my oil level even though I change it about every 6 hours of riding anyway.....

I've really only ever seen oil come out of the dipstick tube when the bike is overfilled ... If it's most definitely not overfilled, and you're positive of that fact there's one more little thing to check out ... One of the oil lines has a metal screen filter on it up inside the frame where the reservoir is ... You should check it out to make sure it's not plugged up ...

Yep!! Agree with Pezman, you should check the metal screen filter in the frame (it's good to do this in a yearly basis)

It sounds like you failed to drain the oil from the frame.

Thanks gray, I just got the bike not too long ago and I didnt really look carefully enough at the manuel, I have just been draining from the bolt under the crank case... idiot.

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