CRD Exhaust - Quiet and Strong

Just a quick review on the CRD Absolute Power Silencer and head pipe for my 1999 WR400. I am in no way affiliated w/ the company, just passing some real world info. It's really quiet (have not measured it w/ a db meter; quieter than stock YZF system my friend uses), engine pulls strong across the low and mid ranges (top end use was limited, but it appears to rev well) and workmanship is topnotch. The CRD system replaced an UPTITE Racing silencer (LOUD) and stock pipe. I used it in tight and technical woods trails in Rag Dump, CA and Truckee, CA. There is a spark arrestor, but it does not have a US Forestry approval number yet.

The CRD exhaust system has been available in Europe for years. They are imported and distributed by Ligne Racing at and 219-690-0988. I spoke with Eric. He's very knowledgable and he hooked me up with the correct system for my bike.


How are you and Erin feeling after Dave Wood's class? Where are you 'camping' now?

I rode with Stu and will vouch for how quiet the CRD system is. My '99 WR400 with stock exhaust/Thumper Racing insert has been measured at 95 & 96 dBA - the CRD is pretty darn close to those numbers as far as I can tell.


Thanks for the outside information. I am looking at the FMF Q. I haven't seen this muffler advertised anywhere. Does anyone else has a QUIET brand muffler that they can shed some light on?

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