03 yz 450 kick starter grinding noise

OK I posted on this a few weeks ago. Now I have torn the crankcase cover off and taken the clutch out. Really nothing is jumping out to me as being a problem in there. The grinding noise it was making is when the bike is running and the kick starter is tucked into position. It just started making the noise so we have not found anything that is broken off or rubbing. Can you guys guidr me a little bit on some things to look for. I have searched the forums but I am still not sure what to look for. Thanks Tim

The kick starter gear is driven by a ratchet plate. As the starter returns to its rest position, an extension on the ratchet plate is supposed to catch a steel plate bolted to the crankcase and cam the ratchet plate out of engagement with the gear. You need to determine why this is not happening.

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