2003 YZ450 purchase


Looking for a bike to do some trails with and the MX track every now and then. Loved the Yamaha's but have not had one since the 90's and it was a 250.

Sold my 04 CRF250R couple years ago and want to join the boys who trail ride.

Did some searches and it looks like some gearing is required for the trails.

Motor sounds bomb proof.

Suspension and handling look more than good enough.

So found one http://machineracing.com/machines/used_bikes.php#

Looked at it today and its pretty nice for the year and the shop will give it a great once over before I buy it. Much better than a personal sale.

So before I pull the trigger let me know what you think.


Looks like a petty good deal, looks like they took good care of it...Buy it!

Looks brand new jeeze. I'd get it. But there are also some crazy good deals on used newer bikes too so wiegh those options too. If you like the dealer though it never hurts to build up some connections and all. Pros and cons to everything you know.

I have been buying bikes from these guys for 20 years, we are good that way.

I did look at some other bikes and have a line on a 05 RMZ450 that is pretty mint for $3200.

Also debating the 2 stroke thing..

Not as easy as I thought.


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