08 190lbs, what are you guys running clickers

I did look, after and hour of reading about people trying to get more powerful feel out of the 08, I am just going to ask. What are you guys running on the click. I ride 99.9% at the track. I was bottoming out bad on my 65fter sunday. Ended up spraining my wrist both ankles and tricking my knee. And a good case a no neck. Anyhow I need a little help getting this thing set. I got my sag set at 105, I like the way it turns. Any help would be great, thanks guys.


I have an 08 as well and I ride the MX track 99% too. I am a fast Vet Intermediate. I weigh 195 with full gear and here's my settings. These seem perfect for the track conditions up here in Idaho.

Front comp-8 out, front rebound-8 out.

Back low speed-7 out, back rebound-7 out.

I edited these setttings after I read my notations in my maintenence log (oops). Thanks mxracer for waking me up!

Very little g-outs with these settings and nothing has been changed in the suspension department since the bike was purchased new in 07.

Hope this helps.

At 195 you are at the upper range for the stock springs. The shock valving is a little soft anyway, I run .48 fork & 5.6 shock spring with a re-valve. Stock shock I would run closer to 6 out L/S comp, stock H/S and 7 out rebound. Fork rebound 7 to 9 out and comp at 6 to 8 out.

Set your sag to 95mm

Okay cool, thanks guys. I am trying to get down to 185lbs, that is the only reason i'm not going to get new springs. I love the way it feels though, just not when I go big. I will play with these settings tomorrow and see what I come up with.

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