yz426f center intake valve problem help

:thumbsup: i have a 2000 yz426 and im rebuilding the complete engine have it almost done but went to put cams in and the center intake valve seems like it is to long.it has brand new head,hot cams, chain, and valves.what i as wondering was does anyone know the length measurements on the intake valves.i got all new valves from wiseco i think they may of mis boxed one. but machinist didnt catch it either.i can put the lifter on with no shim and it still dont have clearance. help

I don't know exact lengths, but the outside two are the same and the middle one should be shorter. I would stand the three next to each other and see if one is shorter than the others. If not then they sent you the wrong valve.

ok i thought by looking at head the center should be shorter i will try pulling them all out.i will keep this updated

ok i thought by looking at head the center should be shorter
No, by looking at the assembled head, they would all be the same height. But with the center valve inserted at a different angle than the outers, you couldn't tell. You'll have to pull them out. The center valve should be shorter.

check my valves took all three out they sold me 2 center valves so i had 2 short and one long with the long one in the center. that sucks cause that just caused me alot more work plus the trouble of ordering another valve and alot more down time waiting on them to get it to me.but thanks fo info

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