Moose Handguards: 08 WR450?

Got a set of Moose handguards.

Question. Anyone have trouble installing these or have any pics/tips? Throttle and Clutch cabe seem to be right in the way for optimal installation/ Mount below (too low) Mount above (too high).

What's the deal? I feel stupid, but just does not seem to fit correctly.


Rotate the clutch perch and throttle housing up.

Mount handguards in desired location.

Put the clutch perch and throttle housing back.

I have the MSR guards which are the same as the moose. This is what I did.

You might also have to bend them quite a bit to get them to fit nice. I had to use a vice to bend and shape them a little to get things lined up so I could install the bolts.

I don't seem to have any issues with my Moose Racing handguards. The only problem I had was with the brake light switch which extended the banjo bolt on the front brake reservior (which I had to remove to fit the guards).

Here's some pictures of my setup (bad ones I know cause its pretty dark in my garage). I tend to have my levers set a bit low and the guards straight whic from my understanding of your question should make things worse, but it seems to be fine for me:





thanks, I think it will just take a vise and some bending on my part.

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