Axle sizes ?

Hi guys, sorry if its been discussed, but search never turns out well for me.

I have a set of supermoto rims (Excel rims, rad hubs with interchangable carriers), sitting on my 2001 YZ426 right now. What other year Yamaha's will they fit ? I'm assuming 99-2007 (I think it was changed in 08?) and I believe it'll fit the YZ's and WR's without changing the hub carriers. Am I right or wrong ? What are the guru's thinking ?

* edit *

I read one of hte faq's, and it says the rear axle size stayed the same from 99-2007 (So my rear will fit any 450 in those years), it sounds like its the same for the front, but im just checking.

They will both fit '99-'08 with those carrier rings, but the wheel spacers are different within those years. The front wheel spacers are the same from '99-'00 (well actually earlier than that as well), then from '01-'07 (except for the YZ250F would be '01-'06), and then a third different set of spacers for '08-'09. The rear has the same spacers from '99-'01, then a different set from '02-'08. You can buy just the spacers without the carrier rings from Excel for about $20.

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