Need cylinder kit recommendation

Want to replace a scored cylinder rather than replate. Looking for OEM replacement cylinder kit with piston, rings, gaskets etc. Not looking to big bore must match up to factory everything else. Any suggestions out there. Not having success finding any except Athena at $800 bucks!

I just bought a sleeve for 100 bucks and had it put in for 100 bucks. and got a gasket kit on ebay for $40 and bought a wiseco piston kit for $180 on ebay also. thats almost half the price of anything i found but i would check on the price of having sleeve put in around your area cuz i have a friend that did mine.

I bought an new OEM Yamaha replacement cylinder on Ebay for $200, and a CP 13.5:1 piston for about $200. About $40 for the gaskets at the local dealer and $17 for a new timing chain. The new piston was a great upgrade.

Cylinder Works makes a new stock bore for the YZ450.

I just had LA Sleeve re-sleeve my cylinder for $200, and I got a wiseco piston for $170. The beauty of having it sleeved is that you can re-bore it in the future if needed.

2 1/2 week turn on the sleeving.

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