2009 WR450 stalling and running out of gas to fast

Just bought an 09 WR450 friday raced it sunday (harescramble) It sputterd and would stall out halfway through the race. At 1 hour and 29 min. it ran out of fuel. I have not done anything to the bike as not to void the 30 day warranty. Im takin it to the shop this morning to get it checked out. Has any one else had this problem?


I have to ask, are you sure the tank was full just before the race started? My WR is good for about fours hours+ before filling is required.

Yes it was full to the neck..............I can not ride any bike for 4 hrs. on a single tank twist that throttle boy>>>

With the stock tank you are going to run out of gas 1.5hrs into a harescramble. With an oversize tank you might make the whole race but I prefer to not fill to the top and do a pit to save the worry and a little refuel for the body.

These bikes don't get the best mileage.

Wait untill you uncork it :thumbsup:

Check the gas cap and one way valve in the vent tube. I have an IMS tank and ran it dry in under an hour on a very bumpy trail. The gas emptied out through the vent tube.

I use a clear tube now... well the $12.00 shiny one fell off

I use a clear tube now... well the $12.00 shiny one fell off

Do you have a one way valve in your new clear tube?

25mpg is pretty typical for these bikes if ridden hard so with the stock tank expect no more than 50 miles tops. As for stalling it sounds like your idle speed is a little low. Try turning it up a bit.

Yes I used one that came with the original 2.2 tank, and added the clear fuel line to it. when I was at the dealer buying a battery, I seen the display with the nice hoses with the one way valves in it for $3.00 I bought one and when I got the bill it was $12.00 bucks??? I asked the counter parts guy and he said, Oh the shitty ones in the middle that you can't see are for $3.00 bucks...

Yes i have a check valve. Got it back from the service dept today they said the pulled the jets out and cleaned them. But the mechinic was nice enough to ride the crap out of my bike for about 20 min and than tell me about how well it ran now. THANKS alot I am so glad it is there right to ride someones bike like that.

Also in an hour and a half we did 6 4.5 mile laps that does not add up to 25mpg

Well you never stated how far you went. Just assumed a 30 - 35 mph avg. 25 miles to the tank does seem pretty unusual. Sounds like something is wrong. Float height, stuck float, etc.

I agree, check your float. It's happened to me before. I was riding and when i stopped i smelled gas and looked down and the overflow tube was leaking gas all over. This was while the bike was still running.

What did you do to fix the float?


I do get between a low of 40 to a high of about 85 per tank.

What did you do to fix the float?

My float was real old, from 1983 and i think what happened was that it started to relax and sag down so that it didn't let enough gas into the carburator. I took it apart and bent it back up a bit, but i think i bent it too far so that it didn't stop pouring gas in. I kept trying to adjust it because parts were hard to find for my bike. It was futile though. If the float is the problem i think the best solution would just be to get a new one. bending it just weakens it and there will always be issues with it. It might not be the float though, it could be the needle or something. I'm not a carb expert, so don't take my word for it. Do your research before you start doing stuff to your carb. That's my two bits.

did you break your bike in before you raced it?

My WR250F fully uncorked FMF full exaust, runs less than 40 miles on a full tank when riding to win.

If you ride to have fun or coast behind turttles it may do more than 50 miles.

Run hard and refuel...

my 01 426 does 140 kms if i ride hard in the trails and well over 200 if i ride mostly on the road.

Exactly.... at race pace I could never trust stock tank for 1.5 hours. Did you use reserve?

Even with the IMS 3.1 I am still pitting at 2 hours just to finish a 3 hour race:banghead:

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