Engine Tear-down Help. Need some advice/info.

I am having some transmission problems with shifting on my 450f. I was looking at the service manual and it seems very complex to get to the shift forks and gears (where I beleive my problem is). I have never split the cases on this motor before. I am very mechanically inclined (or so I believe), just wondering how big of a task this really is going to be. The manual calls for all sorts of special tools to do the job. Am I going to need some, if not all of these tools to do the job right?

When I shift from 1st to 2nd, I seem to hit neutral a lot, and shifting in general is not as smooth as it used to be. My belief is that one of the shift forks might be damaged. Any other input would be awesome.

I split my cases a few months ago and it's no big deal. The only special tool you really need is a flywheel puller and a T-27 torx (I think that is the right size).

The problem could be there, or just under the right side crankcase cover, where the linkage that operates the shift cam lives. If you have an '06, it could simply be the "stopper lever", or indexing arm. The had a kind of a failure prone bearing on them that year.

ive been doing a lot of research...the one thing that keeps coming up is the shift star. i wonder if this might be my issue. seems that the neutral slot on the star is too large, and filing it down may fix the issue.

it's just getting to be annoying. I do a lot of woods riding and if im not high in the rpms then I always seem to catch neutral between 1st and 2nd.

Get a bigger boot.....

Splitting the cases is not as hard as it may seem. Just take your time and read the manual. The first time you do split them it can seem a bit over whelming. But you will get the hang of it.

I agree with gray. If/when you have it split and your budget will allow, replace the main bearings, shift forks and any gears that look even slightly worn.

Good luck and feel free to PM me any time or shoot me an email if you need some advice. russmitchell4@yahoo.com

Get a bigger boot.....

It actually can almost be that simple. Some people have solved this problem by moving the shifter up one notch on its splines.
It actually can almost be that simple. Some people have solved this problem by moving the shifter up one notch on its splines.

Is that because it has worn and is now sloppy and moving it a notch gives it a new pattern to bolt to? I noticed my bike would go into neutral a few times when not wanted...

No, that's usually a solution where either the bike or the boots are new to the user. In a situation where both are more familiar, it's probably not the right cure.

does 4 or 5 rides = new? lol. My shifter is a little loose on the shaft, but idk if moving it would help take any slack out.

if neutral is bothering you that bad take it out (remove shift star and grind the notch smoother). there used to be a post hanging around somewhere about removing neutral i think

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