Need new Insurance Company, Any Ideas??

So the company I've been using for 6 years is no longer writing motorcycle insurance. They immediately sent me over to Progressive......guess what, yup, my premium went UP by $40.

I know insurance is a tough market right now, my dad's been doing it for his whole life, and has never complained more about rising rates. But I still don't get it. My bike is worth less this year, had no claims, and my insurance go's UP, what gives.

If any of you could, let me know who your using, and what your rate is. I know it's going to differ state to state, but just looking for a direction.

Peace y'all........

Dodger :D:)

I use National General for my 94 Harley FLSTC. My annual premium is under $200 for full coverage in the Los Angeles, CA area.


Dodger I am shopping insurance now too. How expensive is Progressive and for what coverage?

They sure claim to be the one when it comes to bikes.Is it just hype? :)

I was with Farm Bureau and paid $108 annually for full coverage on the WR426. I am now with Farmer's Insurance and my annual premium is $145 on the WR450. It covers the, theft, etc.


I'm using Farmers Insurance (Robert Davis - 32nd/Youngsfield - 303 233 2332). I believe it's around $90 for a year for my 2001 WR.


I use a company out of Grand Rapids Michigan called Foremost....I have pretty minimum coverage (liability & theft) and pay $59 bucks for a year. I have it for the mere purpose of being legal....that is if they can catch me. :)


Just realized you're right up the road in Boulder....I got mine (Foremost) at Sun Enterprises in Thornton. If I'm not mistaken they need to see your bike before they'll put a policy on it.

Hope this helps!

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