2002 YZ426f

Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can find/download a Manual for a 2002 YZ426f I just bought one 2 days ago and the guy didn't have the manual. Just would like it as I'm not very good with this kind of stuff or mechanically inclined as I usually need a manual to follow if I need to take something apart or fix something.

I would really like to maintain this bike and do all the routine tune ups and what not unlike my other bikes I just rode the shit out of them until they were shot and needed a lot of money put into them.

p.s Man I love the bike and wow does it ever pull and looks awesome considering it's a '02 it is in awesome condition. I'm so happy with it. I'm not hardcore at all just like trail riding with buddys I know abviously the newer bikes are much better but god I love my bike lol. Just thought I would share hehehehe!

p.s As well if anyone has a good link to some custom graphics, decals, and cosmetic kits for a '02 YZ426f I would apprecaite it I checked out oneindustries web site and didn't like what I saw and my choices were limited ( didn't like the blue, and my last bike had the hurricane kit and would like something different ). I realize I am kind of limited as it is an older model.

Thank You,


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