KLX450r instead?

I hate to redirect the talk away from the WR, but I need your guys' advice. I spent numerous hours on here and thumperfaq researching all the mods, etc for the WR I planned to get in the upcoming month.

Local dealer has a 2008 klx450r for $6200 out the door. They don't have any 08 WRs left.

I was really excited about the WR, but it seems from sitting on both the KLX suspension is stiffer (plus) and it is uncorked from the factory (big plus).

I havent found any super negatives about this bike, though I like the look of the WR better.

Anything you guys know that would steer me to or away from the KLX? (i've been going through their portion of the website)

Upgrading from a 2002 suzuki drz250, so a big jump either way. and since I left that stock, it's almost a certainty for the KLX

Thanks guys.

When the WR is configured to compete (throttle stop, gray wire, drill restrictor out of the exhaust baffle) it makes more peak power than the KLX. From what I've heard a stock KLX is more effective down low than the WR

The KLX is a heavier, wider bike. If you're a taller dude thats a good thing I guess. The airbox door not being hinged is kinda annoying.

Other than that the KLX is a pretty solid bike. Early ones had weak battery issues but I think they've been sorted. I haven't heard or read about any glaring mechanical failures...I don't think you can go wrong with the KLX. Good luck!

In 2007, I chased the third place team in the Baja 1000

They raced a KLR450r...don't get me wrong as the bike did really well espcially with all the aftermarket goodies and support. However, when it actually came down to working on the bike and looking at the the fit and finish of it, I have to say the WR is 10 times better.

If I had to make the choice, hands down it would be the WR.

For Example, the airbox/filter:

A) On the Kawi, the door comes completely off and the air filter is screwed in (PITA)

:thumbsup: On the 07+ WR's the air box lid swings open (doesn't come completely off) and the air filter is help on by with a quick release bar (Very easy to change)

There are other things here and there but ultimately I don't think the Kawi can match the reliability of the WR (not saying the bike isnt reliable but the WR has been proven for almost 10 years!)

The Kawi


My 08


That green one is just like Nolans, he hated it at first buts loves it now.

I got my '09 WR450 for $6200 OTD. The deals are out there.

You can check out some videos of the bike in action here http://www.danwalshracing.com/

That green one is just like Nolans, he hated it at first buts loves it now.

Here is his bike




You guys aren't getting the point here!

What really counts is that if you buy a Kawi you are going to miss out on this forum. :thumbsup:

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