Re gas and oil rear shock.

Hi guys new to the forum, just got myself a wr426 had to get shock done to improve handling, now the bloody thing won't start, me thinks i've gone and got some shit in the carb after having the air box out:banghead: looks like i'm stripping the carb and cleaning it. It was running and starting fine before the re gas. On the plus side the suspension seems great, would be better if i could test it though.

How much gas do u put in the rear shock?

Welcome to ThumperTalk!! Let us know some more of the details, and we will be able to help some. And check those valve clearances!!! I know, I know, I say this all the time, but this is almost always the reason behind a hard starting Yamaha. Besides, this can save you THOUSANDS of dollars with a little preventive maintenance!!!


3 yer old thread, Maniac, although at the very least there is someone using the search!!!! :devil:

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