2008 Wr 450 Jetting

Just got 2008 WR 450

did AIS and Pro moto billet end cap

seems to be bogging at low rpms

live in N. CA


175 main

50 pilot

4th clip on needle

any help

Do a search for the "WR jetting database" to find what others are using in your area.

The main seems pretty big. I run a 168 main (JDJetting kit). I have ridden from 2,500' in the desert to 9,400' up in Kennedy Meadows without a problem.

Low RPM's=Pilot and your pilot is too rich. Read the setting your fuel screw sticky in the jetting forum.

Your main is probably too rich as well.

With a YZ exhaust system I run a 45 pilot and 168 main.

Riding from 1000' to 5000'

I changed the main to a 170 still have a little bog 1/4


any help?

Did you do the o-ring mod to the accelerator pump?

I dont know what that is can you point me in the right direction


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