i just yz timed my bike and i need to know the best jetting set up. what ever set up works best for you guys and the jets is all i want want to know. oh, and does the yz needle help out more than any other needle. i ride a little moto-x and trails. i'm not sure if different jetting helps in different aspects of riding. thanks

Being relatively unfamiliar with AZ geography, I have to ask, what is your elevation?

I've probably said this two or three thousand times here (so what's one more?), but once you get rid of the throttle stop, exhaust plug and airbox lid you basically have a YZ motor.

The different exhaust timing will not affect the jetting nearly as much, if at all (in my experience it is the latter).

Your bike will run better with the YZ needle. As far as specifics go, I agree it is better to see what guys are running in your area, but don't be afraid to copy a guy's jetting just because he has a YZ with an aftermarket exhaust. If it works in his bike, it will be just as effective in yours.

Hope this helps.


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