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All across the country you can hear horror stories of land closures forcing off-road recreationists out of land that they have used for 20, 30 years or more. Special interest groups and environmentalists are usually those behind highly organized efforts to destroy our right to enjoy our chosen form of recreation. They believe we do nothing but tear-up the land with reckless abandon. This, of course, is pure hogwash! Make no mistake; they will stop at nothing to destroy us.

How do they accomplish the things that they do? By being extremely well organized and playing the "system" for all it is worth. Being organized allows their collective voice to be heard by legislators who, more than anything, fear being voted out of office. We have to work much harder to organize ourselves into a large force that will instill fear and respect into our legislators.

Jorva is trying to gain support from every member of the motorized off-road community, and anyone else who would like to lend a hand. Join today! Whether you or your children ride dirt bikes, quads, or a 4x4, we need your support! Please fill out this form for free membership in J.O.R.V.A.

Tell all your buddies about this and make them join too....

We need your help....

Free Membership Application

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If you view this post, leave a reply and tell if you joined.....

Count me in.

I'm in.

Hey Joedint, If there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to email me at

I will be racing all the ECEA hare scrambles and some NETRA events and would be able to voice concerns to a large number of riders at these events.

Together we can protect our right to ride.

Joined a while back by mail, but just did it online again to make sure.

Glad to see that word is getting out more.

Thanks everyone.... Hey wr250rr where in SJ do you live, I'm in Medford.... The guys who started this group are ECEA guys from way back. They have been involved in other "political" events that relate to this sport many times. Just a few years ago they tried to push the DMV to allow registration for off road bikes in NJ, didn't work... The "elected" officials in NJ don't believe that us odd roaders are many in numbers so his whole JORVA thing is to show how many we are and let then know we vote too... I'm a DRZ guy so I don't get to this forum much so a PM might be a better way to reach me... Do you belong to any of the local clubs, I'm a member of SJER and have been for about 17 years now....

if you ask your moderator to pin this post to the top, and explain to him that it will help in a battle to save riding land in NJ, he might the moderator in the DRZ forum did...


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