Jetting, drill sizes

Anyone out there have a compiled list of numbered drill sizes versus jet sizes, I am looking to increase my pilot air jet and can't wait for the sizes I want to try to come in on order, local shop has none in stock.:) I have a PAJ 70 now and would like to increase it upwards to 100+.

You can purchase an "adjustable" pilot air screw (known as the PAS) from Sudco International (look up their 800 number to order...about $15) and get it in about 2 days or so. This will give you a pilot air jet range of 40 through 125 based on the number of turns out the screw is from fully seated. Might consider this method (and waiting a few days) vs. eliminating your flexibility in changing pilot air jet sizes down the road. They might even be able to overnight it if you want to do that...Just my $0.02.


agree about the PAS-good idea.

DON'T GO TO 100 pa



Always enjoy reading your posts on jetting Taffy, very informative. As well as Larry's clarification he did on one of them. Thanks for the input, I will spend my money on the adjustable and forget the drill.

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