1987 Yamaha YZ490 What do you think???

I am possibly getting this 1987 Yamaha YZ490. I don't know much about this model, is it a collectable bike? What do you think I should pay for it? The owner says the top end is new, the bottom end was not touched but no sign of shifting problems, new chain sprockets, tires, and everything powdercoated or replated. I think the bike looks pretty awesome, should I stay away from this one???? Thanks again, I always great great advice from this site!!!!





Ive got an 82 ant they are known as the sieze king! LOL fun to ride and hard to start. You can still get a ton of parts for them and they are quite popular in the GP and evolution classes in VMX. If the price is right go for it.

What would be the "right price?" Thanks

my buddy bill has a clean 83 for 1200 and this one looks alot nicer so theres some sort of reference. its the last of the aircooled big two strokes so its got some historical value. The fact that parts are easy to locate is also a big plus. If you want a big bore go for it.http://www.superhunky.com/articles/worstbikes.php Just dont read this!

Looks good.... If you don't plan on riding it,get it.

Iv'e owned over 40 bikes in all the years.My yz 490 was THE worst!!!

And i really mean "THE worst!"

It vibrated so much i'd had gotten bone spurs between joints on my palms.

It fouled plugs one day,and in the same day it seized the piston.

It had enough cooling fin area to cool a lawn mower.

There was more,but my memory is surpressed from the worst things that have happened in my life.

I really don't think it's very collectable at all. It was easily the worst 500 made that year, as it was basically a 84 model with red/white plastic and a disk front brake. A 83-84, to most, would be better, because it could be raced in most classes that are 84 and older with drum brakes (I'd love to find a 84 in that great of condition). A 87 is too new, except in the decade class, where it's no match for newer bikes (or even other 87 models like the CR-500). It's also not the last of the model, I think 90 was (basically the same bike), then they even made the WR-500 after that (same motor but with much more modern frame/brakes and suspension). For the year, the bike was heavy, detonated, was clumsy and didn't have good brakes or suspension (BASS rear didn't work well anywhere). Having said all that, the bike looks good and looks to be in great shape. They were very reliable, simple and easy to work on. The bike should bring $1,500 or less, and at a little over a grand, would make an awesome trail bike that is still capable of playing in the open spaces and/or a motocross track. So, if your not a serious racer, and looking for a cheap bike to put lots of hours on all sorts of tracks, make them an offer. In a straight drag race, it's still as fast as just about anything else out there.

I owned that exact year and model (1987 YZ-490T) and had zero quirks or problems.

It ran perfectly and always started easily for me, and I'm only 5'5" and 145lbs.

I believe a lot of the negative vibes for the YZ-490 models has to do with the 1982 YZ-490J, a bike that most people thought was a step backwards from the 1981 YZ-465H.

If you're going to be using the bike for fun riding and not going for MX1 wins over in Europe, go for it.

That bike looks in excellent condition. :thumbsup:

Very clean, and def a collectable!

I am on the lookout for one of these, I know of at least two buyers interrested in the last YZ 490. (That is not bad in the limited marked of Evo-bikes here in Norway..)

I just sold a WR 500, it fetched 2500 euros. That's something like 3.500 dollars, isn't?

I am sure this bike would fetch 2000 euros, easily, here in europe.. Probably more.

That one is pretty clean looking. Those things were Vibration-Monsters but they had balls!

looks clean, but you must be a masochist to want to actually ride that thing!!

Make it into a Superbikers supermoto replica! Eddie Lawson rules!!

title says it all. you either love these bikes, or hate them. I had many many bikes over my 25 years. I rode the heck out of this bike. I set it up for my weight 300. and had a rippen woods bike. your bike looks a lot cleaner than my old 86 490. What i did about the vibration was put the motor mounts on rubber bushings and rubber fins in between the head. buy it at a bike shop for a few bucks. Other than that my bike had a lighting coil and headlight.

Started on the third kick everytime. Open and close the throttle a few times and roll it in gear to "prime " the cylinder. Then she will fire up. It had plenty of power, but not to radical like the kx 500 or the cr 500. but extreamly fun. Love it or hate it. you have a clean nice bike buy it... If you want to sell it, i will buy it from you.



Thanks everyone for the great info, I am still working this deal. Hopefully I will be able to get this one!!!

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