What sparkplug you THUMPS running?


Just wondering what kind/type of sparkplug everyone is running these days. I am a proud owner of a 2001 WR426 and would like to know if I should run stock or is there something better? Thanks in advance.



I have been using NGK cr8ek plugs for 4 years. It is a duel electrode racing plug. The cheapest I have found them for is $5.09 at Advance Auto. Their part number is 3478.

Try the plug and tell us what you think! :)

I am still running the plug it came with last July...... :)

:cool:Hey what up. I been using a cr8eix ngk plug. It's not too new but they work awsome. The bike even has a different tone to it. :D:) They are expensive (8.00) but worth it. Good luck. :D

I use the Iridium plug, don't ask me to describe the difference it makes, but I do feel it does make a small but positive difference...


Stick with a ngk#8 in what ever form you like,i have found the #7 gets a bit hot (hot plugs give me the sh*#s)cr8e is i think ok for 01-426.

The standard cr8e is fine, i change mine every 4000 ks reguardless :):D


I used to run Nippondenso (ND) Hot-U's WHICH I ABSOLUTELY SWEAR BY!!! I started using the Hot-U's years ago. I had a 1977 Yamaha DT250 monoshock which use to stumble at the top (main jet issues). Being a neophyte to carbs and jetting, I put a Hot-U in it and the bike carburated clean w/ a beige color. I have run the Hot-U's in EVERY bike I have owned since 1984.

The Split is more accesible for me, and I have given it a shot. I have yet to foul one out. Plus, at $3.75 it is a bargain.

NGK cr8eix iridium plug , havent fouled one yet.


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