How about some handguard recommendations

My nephew's XR100 has some cool handguards and I want some of similar design, but they are red. I've seen several in the online dealers but none really speak to me. How about the what & where.

Just make sure you get aluminum ones. The aceribis plastic ones are cute, but they will crack if and when you hit a tree. I use Moose.

I use Enduro Engineerings. They are heavy duty Aluminum, and have wide plastic shields. You can hit a tree hard and your hands will be completely protected. I have bounced off trees and kept on going. The Acerbis look better, but don't give the protection the Enduro's do.

Acerbis Pro Rally Guards, with these adapters that allow you to bolt the bar busters to the triple clamps. sweeeet.

FZ Rocks. Add water makes it's own sauce.

I love my WHACKERS from Rocky Mountain Motor Sports

Emgo....................Great price, good looks, and very strong!

EE or Moose. They look the same to me. Oh ya, and YZ85 handlebars. Perfect width and more room for controls. :)

My vote goes to EE

What about the Acerbis with the aluminum guard molded into the plastic shield? Those look like the best of both worlds. The Cycra pro-bends look nice, too, but cost too much. I have Moose aluminums and they have paid for themselves in saved levers alone.

I had EE on my Suzuki and bought Moose for this one. The dealer told me EE makes the guards for Moose. Either way I love them both, another bonus is that they protect your levers when you eat it :)

I have the moose and am very pleased. Whatever you buy make sure its aluminum not just plastic.

Cycra pro-bends

Cycra pro-bends w/3-clamp mount. :)

No one mentioned Fastway yet. They are triple clamp mount and use the "Cycra bend" for maximum room around the levers. Check them out >HERE for FASTWAYS<

Fastways are going on my WR before this season.

I've got the EE's on a quad and those are great also. Yes, they do make the Moose products, the parts are interchangable.

I'm an Acerbis Pro rally II advocate myself. I've broken different sets on different bikes, but I still prefer them.

DirtTricks have just come out with a new, composite handguard. For tight woods, single track enduro type riding, they might not offer enough crash protection. I still think they're cool looking.... :)

My vote is for the Cycra Pro Bend. They mounted great, lots of room and versatility with their mounting system and had no issues with them hitting the fork legs. Had the Acerbis with the aluminum on my wr250 and was never very happy. had to cut them down so they did not hit the fork legs. Both were mounted on pro taper bars.

Acerbis Rally Guards. The ones without the aluminum. They still wrap around and attach at the end of the bar. I have had mine on my 99 yz400 since the bike was new and I havent broke them yet. Other people make ones similar to the acerbis but they are junk. The acerbis are the only plastic wrap around guards that are worth the money. I had a set on my 95 yz250. I gave them to a friend and they are still going strong.

They are not as stiff as the aluminum guards obviously. But If you dont need them to wistand shotgun blasts then the acerbis work fine.

I have hit trees hard enough to fold them flat to the bars and they always come back to shape. If you hit something hard enough to fold one of these you have worse things to worry about than your hands.

I had the rally untill I rode on a cold day, dumped the bike and they snaped right in half. that is why i replaced them with the rally pro (aluminum impregnated) and they seem to be great. but I do like the moose also becouse you can replace the plastic, unlike acerbis.

Enduro Engineering...without question.

I've hit a lot of trees! They've never let me down.

Cycra probends with the triple clamp mount. I blasted a tree on trail 15 at Stonyford presidents day weekend and kept on trucking.


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