How about some handguard recommendations

I have both the Cycra and Enduro Engineering handguards.The best combination I have found for myself is the Cycra Side T-clamp mounts with the Enduro Engineering handguards "tweaked" to fit.

Another vote for Pro Bends w/ triple clamp mounts. I periodically destroy plastic things of all shapes and sizes so it is nice to have replaceable shields, and they interchange between all brands (Moose/Cycra/Fastway etc.) although you sometimes have to make new holes (in the plastic or Al, your choice).

I had a pair of EEs and I did notice my throttle hand hitting the outside of the bark buster. Maybe I'm just too used to the Pro Bends. The triple clamp mounts keep the bark busters rigid so they can't rotate, a nice side benefit is you have more room for your brake line and cables.

A nice side benefit of any bark buster-style guard is waving bye-bye to broken levers.

There are now four companies that I'm aware of that make the triple clamp mounts, SRC, GYT-R, Fastway, and Cycra. I know from experience that a good spill will twist the Cycra's and GYT-Rs just a tad, not a big deal, they straighten out easily and I've never bent one very much. You have to look closely to notice it. Anyway the Fastway version look like they may be a bit sturdier.

As was already noted, Fastway's bar mount mounting system for their handguards looks like a great idea, although it just occured to me that you couldn't run a Pro Taper-style bar pad with that setup. Well, I bet you could trim the cover and foam a bit and make it work. The Fastway guards pretty much copy the shape of the Pro Bends.

Thanks for all of your comments. I'll be prepared to do some informed shopping. :)

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