WR Triple Clamps

Can anyone tell me if these clamps Applied Clamps will allow mounting of the WR odometer, or recommend others? I predict the factory bars on my WR will not stay straight long and think I will try a set of Tag or Pro Tapers bars

TIA for any input.

Hi Yamageek,

I bought the Scott triple clamps with the Pro-taper setup. I still have my Stock odometer on in the original place.

You are right about the stock handle bars. The bend from a small breeze.


Yes, you can still use your stock odometer. I've had them on my 01 WR for several monthes and they look so much nicer then the stock clamps, plus I wanted a set of Pro Tapers too. Not to advertise but if you want to save a little try here: http://www.motoworldracing.com/applied_yzclamp_kit.html

They are having a sale and if you fill out their little survey they will give you an additional 15% off instant coupon. (HINT: enter SURVEY15 in the "Apply Cooupon" field in your cart.


Brp makes the triple clamps for scott's and they are awesome, I got mine from BRP with some rise , offset and rubber mounts, the price is cheap compared to RG-3 rubber mounts. I am very happy with the BRP skid plate :). I was a little aprehensive at first, but I couldn't justify $80 more for carbon fiber just to look cool :D

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