tie-down failure - how common?

Last year i was using a trusty pair of tie downs, showing a little wear, and snap. No ratchet trouble or coming unhooked, just snapped the strap. This while crossing a creek slab. Got half the bike washed :) Any way, went and bought a cheap set to do for a while and snapped them going up the driveway. BAD omens. went back to ancra. Just eplace with any, any sign of wear.

30 years with no problem like this. I have always used Ancra as long as I can remember and just changed to the MSR w/ soft ties attached, .due to them not having any Ancras in stock when I picked up the new one. They seem to be of the same quality and I really like the soft ties that are part of them. I also get new ones about once a year and use a fork support.

I use the MSR's with the soft-ties attached. Easy on the bars and easy to unhook. Just compress the fork a little and slip the hook out of the tie. :)

YES IT DOES matter what kind you use. NEVER had a failure with Ancra cam tie downs in 30 years. I also never tie off the ends. It defeats the purpose of a good tie down. Webbing must be in good shape, and bike must be pulled down fairly tight, but they WILL hold every single time.


Another trick when halling 2 bikes side by side is to run a strap between the bars from one bike to the other and snug it up. It helps keep the bikes from swaying side to side.

I also tie a loop (like your shoelaces) right at the buckle between the metal buckel and the strap. That way when Its time to unload I just pull the end dangling and the knot comes out. This does 2 things. It locks the buckle and it takes care of the extra strap.

I use Ancra's. 4 per bike and I replace them after each season. It sound secessive, but the tie downs are not expensive compared to the bikes.

My dad used chains and chain binders. They never failed. I did not like the scratches these would cause, but I think these were the best. They loked like something from an S & M video, I am told, but they worked!

And just what video was that? :)

I always use a locking style hook.

I have a question for all of you guys. Have any of you [or anyone you know] used carabiners instead of the hooks at the "bottom end" of your tie down straps? To eliminate the possibility of the hook extracting itself from your trailer?


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