where to by in CANADA

Hey Guys,

trying to find a new tire for my 08 WR450

but i cannot find where to buy here in canada ??

any idea's ??

oh almost forgot 110/100-18 dunlop 739 ET is what i would like to get.



Try www.blackfootonline.com


There are 1 or 2 more that I can't recall off the top right now. There was a sismilar thread about 6 months ago. I'm not sure why you would go back to that tire though, I would highly recommend something in a Pirrelli or if it has to be Dunlop then a 756. Try the search. WR Dave

I just call around all the shops and see who will give the best deal on a bulk tire buy. I get 5 at a time. Pretty easy to burn through in a season and I end up paying $75 a rear $50 a front.

Otherwise I would say Gnarly Parts.ca but I'm not sure if they carry Dunlops.

Depends where u are in canada? theres many biking shops probably one in every town.

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