I am thinking about getting a two stroke for some deep sand trails I ride on. I first thought of a 250mx'er until some people suggested the KDX200 or 220. Of course a nice YZ250 would be my ideal choice but for about $1800 cheaper those KDX's seem like the hot ticket. I've heard a pipe really wakes them up. A new 200 is barely 3k brand new. My question is have any of you actually ridden or had experience on these KDX's? Are they garbage or will is suit my size and riding purpose well? I am 6'3, 200 lbs. I know they are light but how would they accelerate compared to the 250mxer's?


I used to own a 99 220 KDX. Great trail bike and priced right!! I never rode it in deep sand though. I put a FMF fatty on it and was FAST in the low and mid range. The cockpit might be a bit small for you size but with 1 1/8 inch bars with a riser on it you will should be OK. The one thing is that the top end does fade a bit due to the size of the engine. It is my experience that the bike is good on the tight twisting stuff, in the sand I would get a bigger motor.

Just my opinion but the KDX is not a great sand bike. I always recomend the bike for someone getting into riding but the motor is a little underpowered for sand. If your gonna do mostly woods and some sand you can't go wrong wit hthe KDX but horsepower is king in the sand.

Yeah, that KDX probably is a bit small for what I had in mind. I did some more reading and learned that it has about the same HP as a 125 mx'er. what gives? Does the KDX motor require much less maintenece than an MX'er? I can get a 02' KX250 for $3800 brand new, a CR for $4300 or a YZ for $4600. I even saw a brand new KDX200 for $2999. I would love the YZ but since I'm not a racer I'm thinking the KX and $800 in my pocket might sound better. I ride a DRZ400 right now and it runs great but feels like a Harley in the sand.

go find an older wr 250 2 smoke. they seem to have good low end power.

I have a 96 KDX200 for a loaner bike. It was cheap, around 3K. They havent changed much since 96. It does not have the power of a wr250F. Even with an FMF pipe, mine will not pull the wheel off the ground like my WRF or YZ250F.

The suspension is flimsy and has no adjustability. Its setup SOFT. Forget any serious MX on it, where the 250Fs has some of the best suspension you can buy. The 250Fs are much higher performance bikes. (You can soup the KDX up considerably, try Jeff Freddette's shop).

However, the KDXs are nearly indestructable. Lots of my friends have learned to ride on it, and it has countless crashes on it. I have never had the head off! Still original rings, and it runs OK. I just replaced the rear wheel bearings, but otherwise maintenance has been nil. A great beginner bike.

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Although low maintenence is great, I would rather have a great bike that works for me. I already have a DRZ so I don't want another thumper. I think I will just pick up whatever 02' mx'er I get the best deal on. I will never race mx or push it to nearly its limits anyway so I probably would be equally happy on any of the 4.

how would a kdx 220 run in the sand with a paddle on it. i have a buddy who is 5"8 and about 160 who wants to start riding. could he run in the sand dunes with that thing is he put a 6 cup on it.


If you can find an 02 YZ250 it is a great 2 stroke, this is without a doubt the best 250 I have ever ridden. Good luck with your search.

I've been riding KDX bikes since 1990 and they are great bikes for everything except deep sand.With a paddle it may be a different story but in deep sand I have problems.The power is not the problem it's the steering.I'm not sure what the problem is with mikeolichneys bike but mine will pull effortless wheelies all day long first through fourth with only an exhaust upgrade and proper jets.Low end power is excellent on the 220 while the 200 is a bit better on top but the 220 is a better bike with minimal money spent on a few upgrades.It also does pretty well on the MX tracks but you will have to shift a bit more because of the six speed gearbox.I would love to say get a KDX because I have owned three but since you plan to ride a lot of sand get a 250MX bike.The extra power and wider wheel base help a great deal with the steering.The 89 WR250's were awsome bikes.If you were to find one in good shape you wouldn't been disappointed.


If you can afford it spend the extra 8 on the KX250. Although trashed by the mags in shootouts, it's one of the most capable of the 250 motocrossers. Tons of low and mid and better high speed stability than any headshaking Honda or Suzuki.

For what you get for what you pay, the extra money will get you a Hot Rod compared to Granny's Buick.

I'm not knocking the KDX's. They, like other trailbikes are equal in fun in their element, but not when pushed to their limits.

Originally posted by Razorback:

I'm not sure what the problem is with mikeolichneys bike but mine will pull effortless wheelies all day long first through fourth with only an exhaust upgrade and proper jets.

The problem is the 7-12K feet that we ride at. It doesn't have alot of extra power to throw around at elevation, even with the right jetting.

The problem is the 7-12K feet that we ride at.

Sorry Mike,

One of my favorite things about the KDX is that it wheelies so easy that's why I found your comment strange.You are right about the low maintenance.I had a 90 KDX200 until April of 2001 and I never had that engine apart not even for rings.By the time I traded it in it could have used a new set but I got 10 good years out of that bike.My latest 220 has the Fredette head and cylinder work,rad valve,FMF pipe,Pro Circuit sparky and new jets.The torque on this bike is so strong it can do almost anything my XR400 can do.In a drag race it won't beat a good running 250 MX bike but it will run with any bike in tight trails,woods,mountains and it's nearly impossible to stall it no matter how slow you ride it or lug it.

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Im also getting a 2nd bike for the sand and decided to go for the yz250, primarily for the power, good suspention and updated technology. Going to run an 8 cup on it also.

Goodluck with your descision.

Oh by the way if this bike is only for dunes/sand riding you should consider a cr/kx500, there will be much less strain on the engine than the smaller bore 2 smokes. :)

Tony, this year I saw a purchase of two bikes first the ’02 WR426, second the ’02 KDXR. It should be noted that the WR has had many modifications, which added to about $900 on the total cost, the KDX is still bone stock.

Both are great bikes, the WR has gobs of power down low and the KDX has some down low but nothing like the WR. You really notice it in sandy trails: The KDX struggles in first gear, while the WR does the same trail in second gear with no problem. The KDX’s power sneaks up you and is happiest wound up, the WR in comparison hits NOW and hits HARD.

The WR is taller and heavier, but after you get used to it, it’s not bad. The KDX flings through the trails easier than the WR.

Suspension on the WR is awesome. On open trails with bumps and rocks, the WR seems to just gobble everything up. KDX, different story. On fast open trails with bumps, the suspensions weaknesses are noticed.

Another obvious difference is the throttle. I don’t if there’s a mod out yet or not but that hair trigger throttle on the WR sucks big time, could be something to do with the TPS, who knows. For trail riding it gets to be somewhat of a pain, but not so with the KDX.

As far as starting goes it makes me no difference, both start just fine.

Hill climbing both are good.

KDX runs cooler. The WR has never overheated, but you can FEEL the engine heat more so than with the KDX.

I like the sound of the WR best Harley like pop,pop. The KDX sounds like the rug cleaning attachment on a vacuum cleaner!

To me, the WR is more fun to ride (it’s modified remember). But the KDX is a blast too.

tk :)



I (my wife) has a 89 kdx200 w/ the origional piston,chain & sprockets on it. I ride it ocasionally when the blue beast cant make the call to action.

I tell ya that 200 is a sweet trail bike. even the 89 as big,bulky and heavy as it is, is pretty sweet in the single track. It dont have a ton of power. But as long as you keep your momentum up it works fine. I can run with all my friends on there thumpers.

The suspension is magic. Even though its oldasdirt it works awsome on the nasty rocky,rooty trails near my house.

I tell ya if I rode nothing but single track. Id consider a new 220.

P.S. there is additional power to be had in the stock pipe. Apperantely there is a baffle in the stock pipe. If you cut the pipe appart, gut it, and weld it together it works like a fmf. That s what I heard. I want to try it on my wifes bike one of these days.

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