Who has Gas? Race Gas.

After reading the blurb on VP Ultimate 4 race gas, I was wondering if any of you are using race gas and can you really tell the difference in power. Klotz also advertised an additive called Coxoc that is oxygen rich and suposed to offset elevation changes.

Can any one tell me their experiences with race gas please. reccomendation etc.

Where was the blurb on Ultimate 4? I have been using C-12 for a while and I like it, but I tried Ultimate 4 this weekend for the first time and I can say it definitely boosts the power. I have yet to have jetting issues with it, either. I get it for $46/5 gallon can which is only $12-$13 more than I get c-12 for, so it is worth the extra $ to me.

After running Nutec special 4, Phillips B32, and B37, with added mtbe on the dyno there is little or no difference compared to high test pump gas.

Where you will feel a difference is if you are jetted rich on pump gas the added O2 of oxegenated race fuel will mask the rich condition and give you the feel of crisp jetting.

I run Phillips B35 now, BTW, I get it for 4$ a gallon and run it in my 426 and my wifes ktm 200.

You can get the mtbe and mix it yourself instead of buying racegas to get the oxegenated effect.

PM me and I'll give you the details if you are interested.

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