Well the ekp worked well but due to cold weather and boredom I tried the ekn, at first I had a few problems, but now I got it working great, smooth throughout the range. I put sticker on the throttle and a mark on the grip with markings at 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full. No hesitation anywhere and pulls like **** off a shovel.

The temp here is around 48 F (not quite shorts weather yet) My settings are

'98 WR400F / YZ timed /

No airbox lid / WB filter / de_octed / 100airjet /

48 pilot / fuel screw 0.75 turns /

EKN clip 3 / 165 main jet /

DrK muffler (93dbls) / Powerbomb header /

I'm doing an enduro course this weekend to iron out my technique and to try and do justice to such a kick-arse (ass) bike.

like your set up. one jet lean from standard. i think your pilot is too big so if you get into difficulty go back to 45. if it works for you-great.

how open is a drk pipe? never heard of it before.

where's this course, can anyone ride it?



Good to here that the EKN needle (or EKP)is working on your WR too. :) Have fun with it!


Taffy, when I said course I should of said school. It's with Ady Smith and it's two days, should be a blast.

The DrK pipe is pretty good, no spark screen (not needed in UK), it's a two piece, the muffler is quite long and internally has a taper that goes from 13/4" to 1".


my two mates are doing it on ktm 200's.

one is nick airey & the other is ian cunnington. ian will still have #10 or was it 12 from last weekend. ian is a tart & you can tell him so!

if either of em fall infront of you ride over them & save the ktm's ok. even they're worth more!


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