Thanks To ALL!

I just wanted to thank everyone that contributes to this section. I have learned alot from your postings...

YAMAKAZE - I just installed the Scott's and your photos and tips were great for keeping that Dam post tight..

JD /Taffy/Hick and the rest - The jetting postings are outstanding..

Bill - For Running a tight ship and keeping it good..

I was riding last weekend and came across another rider with a 02 WR426.. He pulled along side of me and gave me the sign, like he wanted to drag. The trail is 5 miles long and flat as a board. He took off and I past him like he was standing still. Boy that felt great. At the end of the run, he jumped off his bike and demanded to know what I did to my 426 to make it so fast. I started asking him if he did any of the free mods, jetting, and the rest of the stuff I learned here.. Showed him all the little stuff.

He asked me "were in the H*ll Did I Learn all this stuff".. My Reply "" my friend. "You have to check that site out"

Again, Thank you all. :):D

Thanks HS, I have lot's of help moderating (the members) this site. The ground rules were laid a long time ago and the members do a great job keeping the riff raff in line. And there's also other moderators helping me.

My thanks to Bryan Hulse for starting ThumperTalk and to Bryan Bosch and Steve Claus for picking up the torch.


This site rules and the TT members, of all the brands, are the greatest.

I found TT searching Google for modifications for my new bike and became an addict.

After work every day I check in and surf some of the forums.

Before that day I never really liked what my computer, and the web, offered for my entertainment.

i myself have refered several people to this site. Then i see them out riding and they are like. "That site kicks ass" and the brother hood grows.



I'm glad you're having fun with the setup. It makes the postings worthwhile.

James :)

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