mods for 09 yz450 f

hey guys, I just got an 09 yz450f and would like a little more power out of it soon once I get used to it.

what would you recommend I get for mods?

I am very interested in a JD jet kit, and an exhaust, but im not too sure which exhaust would give me the best performance. im leaning towards Yoshimura as ive heard good things about them. what do you guys suggest?

What do u guys think about the fmf mega bomb is it interchangable withany other brand of silencer ?

I ride lots of trails and would probably need more bottom-mid end than anything.

anything else I should know/change on the new bike? this is my first brand new bike. I have a feeling the chain is junk and gonna get replaced soon, as well as the clutch/brake levers replaced with unbreakables or hand guards.

how about a skid plate?

any info would be appreciated.


I'm getting a new pipe for my 08 on the 19th (my birthday). I'm still debating between the carbon/titanium DRD, the RS2 Pro carbon, the stainless 4.1c and the akrapovic race hexagonal. All of them are pretty close in price and I'm going to get a carbon fiber muffler. I've wanted one since those cool white brothers pipes came out a few years ago. If you get the yosh please post back what you think of it. All the yamaha owners here swear by the DRD though.

I've tried pro circuit, FMF, and Dr. D, and I liked the FMF factory 4.1 the best. The Dr. D came in a close second for me.

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