First enduro, any good tips?

I am planning on riding in my first enduro this weekend, and I was wondering if anybody had a good tips?

I searched for "enduro" but did not really come up with anything.

One of my riding buddies and I are going to do the Black Bear Enduro in Naches, and are pretty stoked about it.

We really do not fully understand the timing situation, but there is a training ride on Saturday, so we are going to try that.

Neither of us have "real" enduro computers, but I have the Panoram (Endurance model) so I will be getting by with that. If anybody has some pointers on the time keeping, indicated speed changes, "possibles" and that kind of stuff, I surely would appreciate it.




Good luck on your first race.

You will love it and I'm sure you will be hooked.

I used to ride the BJEC (black jack enduro circuit) but I got tired of the miles we were logging (highway).

They have some great tips for the beginner at the BJEC website.


Hope this helps....



Don't try to do too much your first enduro. Like Merfman says, ride to learn, and work a check at an enduro.

Also, try this website. They have a good set of tutorials on enduro timekeeping:


For your first enduros, you don't need a computer.

Understand the roll chart/watch method first. What you really need to understand is where the checks CAN'T be and where you can go as fast as possible without penalty.

For your first enduro, ride to learn, ride in control, and ride to finish. If you ride with an experienced person on your minute, explain that you're riding your first enduro and ask if they would mind you asking questions. 95% will be more than happy to oblige. OTOH, if you just start asking questions, they might take offense thinking you're a lazy competitor. :)

I've ridden over 120 enduros in the last 17 years. I didn't start to fully understand the in's and out's until I worked an enduro and helped place the checks. You'll learn more by working 1 enduro than by racing 10.


PS, for some articles about beginner enduro riding, go to:

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