Dynojet kit

I have an 08 yz450f and was wondering if anyone installed the stage 1 dynojet kit and if they noticed any difference. By looking at the parts list all they send you is a couple jets and a new needle?

The Dyno Jet kit may be a good kit insofar as the results it will get, but they have an odd approach to things. It seems they use an adapter in place of your main jet so that their jets can be screwed in, and the jets used are not numbered the same as normal Keihin FCR jets.

I would choose a JD kit if I were to use a kit at all, but more likely, I would rejet with Keihin parts if it was required.

+2 on GrayRacer's comments

just my .02. i have never used that product, my my 450 has a fmf power up kit for the carb and it works pretty well and isn't but about 15 more dollars (i think)

FMF jet kit is often just a repackaged DynoJet one. There are only two places that actually make kits, JD and DynoJet. JD does not allow repackaging, DynoJet just wants to move product. That is very apparent if you ever call customer service.

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