2007 WR450F Carb Needle Options

Hi, does anyone know where I can purchase just an adjustable needle for my carb?

Also, is the only advantage for replacing the stock fuel screw with an extended fuel screw so that adjustments can more easily be made?

Thanks, Bruce

I use a YZ450 needle. A JD jet kit has them too.

The adjustable fuel screw is a really good idea and the R&D is the best.


Thank you.

So the YZ450 needle will fit the wr450 carb?

Why is the YZ450 needle better?

Why is the YZ450 needle better?

its adjustable :thumbsup:

Yes, the YZ and WR use the same carb (i think!), so jets and needles are interchangable. The WR, in it's EPA-legal state, comes with a 1-position needle. Pop in the YZ needle and you're good to go. Welcome to WR land!

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