WR 450 Weight???

Does anyone have/know the claimed weight of the bike. Wet or Dry. :)

Originally posted by Dave T.:

Why Thank You! You've been quite helpfull. :)

Good to hear that! I guess you don't need any answers from me then...

121818.2 grams :):D:D

Tough crowd - I'd tell if I knew.

Originally posted by AZWR426:

Tough crowd - I'd tell if I knew.


yea but i aint gonna tell any of ya.

Why Thank You! You've been quite helpfull. :)

if you have to ask you will never know.

if you dont know i am not going to tell you.

truth is no one knows yet cause it is not on the web site. LOL

Thanks GA426, You're allright :)

Im guessing it might be a pound or two heavier than current models

Estimated between 238-242 lbs dry.

wrong..........I think your right. Hence my answer of 121818.2 grams or 2681bs wet. :)

My guess is 245lbs wet..........I can still dream!! No comments Bonzai!

I've got my name on one, and I'll be happy if they can match the KTM EXC 400 which is around 255 lbs. if its less than that I'll be thrilled.

the suzuki kick start kit weights 9lbs.so the dry weight is 9 lbs. less with kicker removed. (flyer shows kicker)

the suzuki kick start kit weights 9lbs.so the dry weight is 9 lbs. less with kicker removed. (flyer shows kicker)

imagine getting three PIGS

#1) will be a baby piglet and very light, nibble footed and agile but will squeek instead of grunt.

#2) This Pig is heavier but has just enough grunt to make it feel "just right" (honda, ktm, husaberg etc)

#3) This is gonna be one big bloated heavy fat mud covered pig ,almost imposible to pic up in thick mud, but with lots of grunt.

now imagine this pig with the words YAMAHA WR450 tatood on its lardy ass.

hope this answers your question :)

If its light weight you are looking for - go buy orange

If its reliability and low maintenance - buy blue, but dont expect a mass produced jap bike to be as light as a KTM.

Sad but true :)


i agree

yesterday i rode an enduro on my yzf and got stuck in deep bogs, struggled to lift the bike upright on off camber climbs [ not to mention kicks start it]and generally lugged and abused it arround wales for 3 hours.

ive done this to the bike for a couple of years now and it has never ever missed a beat,

im not sure how the KTM's hold out to long term abuse

but yesterday i would of loved to of had an electric start and maybe a bike that wieghed 30lbs less.

I have a 03 450KTM exc and it is 247lbs. The yamaha will be 255-260. Still not bad and will be just fine to ride knowing that if you stall you will not have to kick.I used to ride the 4-stroke yamaha's but went for a ktm after a quick ride through the woods and fell in love! know I'm on my 2nd one and they are the bike for me . Not to say that the new yamaha won't be a great bike (i liked both of mine)but I am sticking with what makes me fast!!

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