Need A New Seat That Is Tall And Soft

looking for a new seat for my 2008 WR450 please let me know what you have or think is the best. I am thinking guts tall seat with medium foam. let me know. thanks

I have gutsracing tall / soft combo and there are times that I feel it's a little too soft but I like it none the less.

If you go with guts, do yourself a favor and stay away from their hardcore gripper cover... it's junk. I recommend their competition cover, it's a very durable cover:thumbsup:

X2 on the Guts tall with competiton cover, I ordered mine with Medium foam and it's plenty soft


+3 Guts competition cover with Tall/Medium soft. The soft compresses down too much if you are a big boy like me.

I just ordered 1 standard height soft seat foam from Guts Racing because I am sick and tired of having a sore ass to. I hope its not to soft I weigh 170.

agreed i keep ripping the gripper cover but the foam is great

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