Chain Stretch

Seemed like every time I got back from a ride on the 650, the chain needed a little tightening, and it didn't stop. Bought the sidewinder chain---no more readjusting after each ride. My 11 year old has a new XR100 doing the same thing. Any one else out there having this problem with a fairly new chain? My adjustment method is to load the suspension to the tightest point on the chain & then dial in the desired slack.

Spirit,seems to me you already answered your own question. until you put a good o-ring or standard chain on any bike you will get good at adjusting chains.

My 00 650 has never had this problem, in fact I am on the original chain and sprockets (with good life left)but have replaced 1 tire and often run a paddle on it. My impression from the dealer ( I asked because I wanted to re-gear it but never did) was that the stock chain was very strong and that it needed a special tool the install the master link, they also said that a normal 520 chain would snap if used on the 650. Possibly you are adjusting it wrong. I adjust mine by loosening the axle nut then slowly adjusting it on each side, making sure it is equal, and stop when I have about 2 fingers of space between the chain and the lower area of the chain slide, then I put a screw driver on one of the rear sprocket's teeth and roll the tire back, this causes the chain to tighten and suck the tire forward, then I tighten the nut and then the adjusting bolts and lock nuts

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