How many Revs?

Looking to see if anyone has knowledge of how many revs the XR 650R pulls at 100 kph same as 60 mph???

I know this would depend sprocket size so I've list some that I've commonly used.

14/47 15/47 14/45 15/45

Getting the mix just right is difficult with my riding. I travel over some steep 1st and 2nd gear hills (dirt) going to work and then have to sit on 100 kph or 60 mph for about 15 mins.

I like the punch of 14/45 and 15/47, but I am curious as to just how hard the engine is working.

14/47 which is close to what you guys run stock (USA) has brilliant down low pull and wheelies, but I believe the engine is starting to work to hard at 100 kph, even though I know it will still go round to 160 kph or 100mph.

If anyone could forward any data or their thoughts it would be much appreciated.



01 XR 650 R Acerbis tank, uncorked currently running 14/47

Here's some ratios:

15/45 5th gear 60 mph = 4500 rpm

15/47 = 4700 rpm

14/45 = 4800 rpm

15/48 = 4800 rpm

14/47 = 5000 rpm

14/48 = 5150 rpm

13/48 = 5500 rpm

Thanks for the details DRZ Andy


No problemo :)

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