Scott's Stabilizer Settings

I know this question would reflect rider preference, but what settings are you guys using and for what type of terrain and speed?

Also, has anyone adjusted the high speed setting from factory default.

Stock setting on high speed. I may click up the low speed a couple if things get really hairy, but normally leave it stock too.

Dodger :):D

High Speed I have left stock. But I mess with the low speed setting constantly. I like to really loosen it up in super tight trails and nothing but rocks trails, sometimes up to two full turns out. On the more open trails with the occasional rocks and roots, I will put it about 6 clicks out.

I'm about four clicks out, maybe five. Full on is 12 o'clock and I'm at like 7:30. I too left the high speed alone.

This changed a click or two when I finally got around to servicing it.

I also increased the stock sweep, but to be honest I can't remember if I left it there or not.

Don't pay any attention to me, I once rode the better part of an off road race, including a pit stop, with a totally flat front tire. And didn't notice. Just thought I was riding like **** , damn thing kept washing out...

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