Welded swingarm and have some alignment problems

Hi All,

On my last ride I had a sprocket bolt come loose and gouge the swingarm. It was bad enough that I took it to a welder to have it fixed. Apparently the heat from the weld pulled the swingarm together so that the distance from side to side is now about 1/16" to 3/32" less than it was previously. I can get the rear tire on and everything lines up well as far as sprocket, chain, brake, etc., but the rear tire won't spin freely as there is too much squeeze put on it from the swingarm.

Will this just loosen with time? It looks as if the only part being squeezed is the dust caps. Is this something that I can just spread the swingarm apart with a puller/come along or something similar? Should I just leave it and ride?



The "squeeze" from a pinched swing arm is nothing compared to what the axle nut does. The swing arm likely has nothing to do with it. If it does this with the axle tightened, I'd look at the bearings

It probably is the bearings. I'd also check the wheel bearings on the drive side as the hub wears out there and the bearing race becomes loose which may cause the hub to break eventually. That's why yamaha went to a hub with two bearings on the drive side for 09.

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