Pre printed # plate

Who knows a good place to buy pre-printed # plates for the WR450? I called DeCal Works, and they don't have their die yet.

I traced the front plate and went to a local sign shop and had them custom print one. The options are endless this way. They will doing anything you want. I went with white numbers on black back ground but had a trim color added around the numbers and the plate and changed the font from your normal MX numbers. Looks trick and was less money.

I have used Decal works on several bikes and was disappointed to hear they did not have it when I called. What I ended up getting looks much more unique and still follows the rules.

MotoRod, Socal Decal works will have them available by next Friday. I know cause they are making the die cuts off my plastics I sent to them :)

If you want killer backgrounds go to Number Technologies 775-425-4942 I've used them they are first class, look like the pros. I've had Socal (poor quality in comparison). Number Technologies are heavier, slicker and come with your name if you want and for the same price 50.00

Do they have a web site. I would like to see what they have?

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