woodruff key

hi everyone , new to the site , great one at that, anyway have a problem with my 03 wr 450 I picked up last week, mint condition had 14 km on it ,and i mean mint , but and a big but she would'nt kick over last week after it stalled out on me , found out it was the woodruff key issue and heard of the recall so took it to the dealer and they replaced it ,everything good there , picked up the bike yesterday (thurs ) and went out today,(friday):p got 2 hrs on it and tada it happens again *** is goin on now,, did they replace it with the same part # or do I have a lemon,, anyone have any ideas for me ,,,, thks

Do some searching. Its not the woodruff key but rather related to the starter. When the motor backfires or kicks back hard on start up the starter gear does not disengage and kicks power to the flywheel and sheers the key.

If this is a problem on your bike you will need to do an upgrade to the the 04 starter components.




Those few posts should get you going. Other than this issue there are guys with these bikes with thousands of miles on them trouble free. My 03 has never had this issue but its a canadian model and is jetted a bit better but can certainly happen I guess under the right conditions.

thx for replyin, is the woodruff key not the related problem to the starter, because that was my understanding, it just free spins win starter button is pressed, cant even kick it over, its goin back to the dealer and will ask for the 04 conversion , now that said , after the conversion has anyone had the same problem thx.

The broken woodruff is the result of the starter gear. Now you need to replace your woodruff key again. Back to the dealer if they did the recall fix to begin with.


Click on the link that follows and read it completely. You will then know more about the 2003 Woodruff key issue than anyone on your block. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=303319&highlight=bajafool Take particular note of my comments.

I suggest that you work the dealer for a free woodruff key replacement. It is easy for the dealer to do and if you don't have a flywheel puller, you will have to buy one.

The chances are not good that your dealer will do anything for you in regard to actually upgrading your bike to the 2004 configuration. You might try to negotiate a deep discount on parts, however. The installation of the parts is very easy, as I discuss in the link above. Good luck.

thanks for the quick reply, this site is great, so good news ,i think because i am a loyal customer a G,A Checkpoint Yamaha in Port Moody British Columbia Canada,thats a plug ,:p they are going to do the 04 mod at no cost too me ,, thats awesome, can,t say enough about these people that work there, thx for all the info here on this site also,i turned them on too the www.wr450 .com site and i think they following that info for the mod, its funny i think the dealers don't like too or are not comfortable lookin at different avenues except what is sop from yamaha, probably a liable thing i guess, anyway 1 part is back ordered so unfortunatly im not riding for 2 weeks but hey ,small price too pay for enjoyment i will have with this bike for a long while , one more quick question, anyone that has done the mod, in the past , how are their bikes running now ?was there anymore problems after the fact? just wondering ,again thankyou ,talk too you soon, Dave.


The sheared woodruff key problem goes away, once the 2004 update is incorporated. All WR450's 2004-2009 use the same idler assy. Install the update--- ride it, enjoy it.

thanks Baja,, like I said this is a great site ,thx for your insight

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