Would you buy a Cannondale if.....?

1 They get bought buy someone with some $$$$ to take them to the next level, and have a full Motocross team.

2 No reliability issues

3 Shave some weigh

4 Make it a 450

5 What other ideas do you have?

....Hell froze over :D :D :):D :D



I don't think any of that is possible.

I'll never have anything to do with C-Dale again. I got suckered into buying stock back when their bikes were supposed to be the next big thing.

Oh well, my fault. I got burned. Lesson learned. :)

Nice!!! You guys are mean!!!!

Sometimes it's cruel to be kind.

I'm not trying to be mean.

Trust me, I wish Cannondale would have done very well!!! :)

Unfortunatly it didnt work out that way.

I just can't beleive the United States with all its resources, can not compete with little contries like Japan and Austria. Surley we can make a dirt bike that not only competes but is superior to anything they make. I mean com'on look at our space program, look at our engineering in electronics and computers, we are the richest most developed country in the world, but we can't make a simple dirt bike. I had high hopes for Cannondale and would have bought one if only they had made a bike that was as light, compact, and had at least the same performance as the competition. How hard can it be for someone out there with the resources to either take over Cannondale or produce their own bikes, this is not rocket science. its just a motorcycle.

I would buy a Cannondale if:

1. They were easier to come by. Their dealer network compared to the other brands was slim.

2. Displacement should be 450cc. If you're going to be in the 250 class, take it to the max.

3. For the MX bike, dump the E-start and lose some easy weight. How many competition level MX'ers are E-start? (zero)

4. Continue with the best customer service.

5. It would really help exposure (and help with development) if their was a pro level racing team, wheather it was SX, MX, or GNCC.

I answered a lot of these same questions today on an internet survey that I received about another manufacturer getting into the dirt bike business. See this >THREAD<

I probably would buy a Cannondale if they made the improvements you stated plus give you a longer term warranty, bought an existing engine and guarantee parts availability. The racing aspect wouldn't be that big a deal to me at this point.

I bought an ATK in 1990 and wasn't all that worried about parts availability since the engine was a Rotax and the suspension was all White Power. I almost bought another ATK years later but got tired of having limited dealers and parts availability. That's why I went back to the Japanese bikes. The dealers are everywhere, used to keep parts in stock and there are tons of each model sold. Plus, they stay in business.

I'd love to own an American Made motorcycle again but it has to be produced by a company with a stable base with a long term committment. I know there have been rumors of HD buying them but that scares me as well since they have little or no technological development. Unless of course you look at the V-rod which was developed by Porsche. The upside is they do have deep pockets.

I feel for all of you guys who put your hard earned cash into Cannondale and have been left hanging. I also sincerely hope that someone does buy the company and continues the development.



I definately would buy a Cannandale.

That is if it came with a free WR. :):D :D

If they get bought out and made a bike that was as good or better than my WR, yeah would be all about an Amearican bike. I will not be the guinea pig though. ---Mike

I'm obviously biased but I was very surprised when I rode my buddies WR450. It felt pretty good even in stock form.

Some of the differences from my E were the WR seemed to turn much the same except in the tight stuff where the WR rode much taller. The WR first gear lofted the front wheel pretty easily but being stock and probably not setup correctly it didn't feel like it had as much grunt or top end as my E440. Removing the baffle and airbox mod and that crazy throttle stop should help.

The WR motor was a lot quiter than the Dale but one thing I didn't like was the motor didn't seem like it reved as smoothly. A lot more vibration was noticed from the engine. My buddy thought the Dale motor was smoother reving and brought that up before I did.

My buddy is a lot faster than I am in the trails but when we raced each other on a 1/2 mile power line wood trail loop I got him by 2 seconds. :) He better get them mods done.

Anyway, I was impressed with the WR and it made me appreciate my Cannondale even that much more for all their accomplishments. Being an American company building a bike and motor from scratch in just 4 short years with zero prior knowledge and competeing with the likes of Yamaha says a lot. Sure it might not be perfect for everyone and heck it wasn't even perfect for Cannondale because they had a whole slew of future plans to make the bike lighter and more powerful but for now this is what there is.

If C-Dale could come up with the 5 topics you mentioned, and could be competitive,then I would definitely consider buying one.

I think they are sweet looking bikes, plus they are American made.

The cannondale probably would of done really well if they had just made a normal bike instead of fuel injected and that backwards engine. They have that TwinSpar frame which is susposed to be great and they have Ohlins suspension which is susposed to be some of the best out there.


Cannondale had some great ideas, and they implemented almost every one of them. There was the problem.

They had to turn a profit eventually to stay in business. You have to build a customer base to do that. You can't build a customer base big enough in a couple years. You can't make that many motorcycles that fast. If you can't do that, you can't spend all the money trying to make it work out or sooner or later there's nothing left.

The reliability problems and rework and extra labor can be the variable expense from hell. It was a great idea. Let's hope someone else picks up where they left off and runs with it. If they just perfected what they already have, they would still be way out in front in technology.

You don't have to win the race by a mile. An inch will do.


No way,

Just like their mountain bikes, they are to complex. They try to put to much into them and it just costs them to much money.

I don't wish their demise on any company, but the word K.I.S.S. comes to mind. (Keep it simple stupid).

I don't yhink that in the last 5 years they have made the same full suspension bike for more than 2 years in a row.


Because they don't work as good as the other brands.

To be in a constant redesign situation has to cost them a fortune.

There is no real question what happened, they made a ton of money on their good mountain bikes, and then spent it all TRYING to make them better.

I don't know what they were doing trying to make motorcycles.

They would have to be on top of their game for ten years or more before I would consider one of their bikes.

I mean they have some good Ideas but the market is full of good, proven ideas already.

No offense meant. :)

I'm surprised your buddy's bike ran at all with the without the throttle stop and baffle removed. If you think it's close now, wait till he opens the thing up. Right now it's choked down like an XR400. Your comparison between your two bikes makes me laugh and can't be considered serious by anyone on the WR forum. :)

The whole issue is the engine. It was way too big an undertaking for a company that has never made a motorcycle. There have been plenty of companies in the past that have purchased engines from Suzuki, Yamaha, Rotax and others and installed them in their own branded motorcycle.

Bimota was sucessful for years until they made one fatal mistake. They decided as well to make their own engine and the company went under quickly which was a shame. People were willing to pay extra money for a ultra high quality bike with a donor engine. Cannondale could have done the same and once the base was established and the initial development costs were recovered, they could have gone after the engine, 5-10 years later.

Hopefully, someone will realize this and keep the frame, suspension and other innovative technology that was developed and continue.

If I bought one bike and I got 3 more for free so I'd have some spare pasrts! I went into a shop yesterday that had 6 on the floor, all with significant markdowns.

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