Would you buy a Cannondale if.....?

I'm surprised your buddy's bike ran at all with the without the throttle stop and baffle removed. If you think it's close now, wait till he opens the thing up. Right now it's choked down like an XR400. Your comparison between your two bikes makes me laugh and can't be considered serious by anyone on the WR forum.

Glad you enjoyed the stock vs stock comparison. But I think you contradicted yourself. :)

I'll let my buddy get the mods done and I'll mod my bike by switching to the CX map and we will try it again and compare power. What's a CX map? If you only knew. :D

Yeah I agree with you on the motor. It was much too big an undertaking for such a small company. The good thing is the motor is there now so there is no reason to scrap it. Sure we had a lot of growing pains just like your woodruff keys and jetting. All the Dale things have been addressed and worked out on the motor. Every single one of them. And they have all been minor things just like the WR problems. The owners just need to implement the changes and checks just like you guys do.

I think part of the problem with most, is the fear of the new design. It's so new that all problems sound incredibly serious because something new has to be learned. But I must tell you, the system is so simple once you figure it out, you would kick yourself. It's way simpler than carb jetting so if you got that down a Cannondale FI system would be a breeze.

Whoever buys Cannondale I just hope they are big enough to finish what Cannondale started and have the funding to make it work.

BTW I said the WR was pretty good and still hold to that opinion. :D

Well, criteria # 2, no reliability issues, is too vague. Depending on your definition of "no issues" you could say there is no such bike currently that satisfies that condition.

Anyway I'd buy one if/when:

1) someone in the industry (I guess HD does qualify, so does Polaris or Bombardier) bought the bike (I doubt they will get the name but who knows? Maybe nobody wants it anyway :) )

2) then figured out a way to lose 10 lbs (minimum, ditch the e-start and you're halfway there), fifteen or twenty and you really have my attention,

3) and after a few years/models have gone by.

Also, who $% cares which way the #$%& motor is pointed? If it works, it works.

(hint: it works).

Well you said something about the WRs havin some problems well if you make as many bikes as Yamaha does on a new year model with a lot of new stuff somethings are gonna be wrong but c-dale didn't make half as many on a new year model and had twice the problems not even the YZF400 had as many problems with it and it was totally new.

but c-dale didn't make half as many on a new year model and had twice the problems

Care to back that statement up with some facts?

I'll be looking forward to finding out the actual number of warranty issues with Cannondales vs. the number of problems with Yamahas. Oh, wait, I forgot, Yamaha doesn't warranty their bikes beyond 30 days. Oh well, I'm sure you have figured out a way to account for that difference when you determined that Cannondale had twice the problems.

Thanks a lot for clearing that up for me. I'm looking forward to hearing about how you arrived at this conclusion :)

Anyway I'd buy one if/when:

1) someone in the industry (I guess HD does qualify, so does Polaris or Bombardier) bought the bike

Hick, one of your criteria may just be satisfied.

I doubt that H-D will buy C-Dale as they seem to be focused on what they have now, not losing market share, and upcoming emissions requirements as most of the current product won't comply (with the exception of the not to well-recieved V-Rod). All of this combined makes me think that they have enough on their plate right now and are not likely to take on C-Dale.

Bombardier is not quite in dire straits, but they are hurting for sure. Bombi stock has dropped something like 80% since August. The big money makers for them have always been the aerospace and train divisions and that business has dropped drastically post 9/11. They've got too much product in the pipeline on the recreational side as well which is hurting them, and apparently the recent purchase of OMC has burdened them more than expected. Besides that, they had a great dirt bike line which they pulled the plug on the second things started looking bad, so they don't deserve Cannondale.

Which leaves of course, Polaris Industries. They are a forward thinking company and under the leadership of Tom Tiller, have seen great increases in market share esp. in ATV sales where they are second only to Honda. Most of the ideas that they introduce, sooner or later show up on other brands. Have a look at a 660 Yamaha Grizzley the next time that you're in the Yamaha store and you'll see what I mean. Polaris has solid leadership, and the desire to be the best with the resources to get them there (the Predator is a good example of that), also thier books are clearly in the black. Add all of that to the fact that recently Polaris was not too far from purchasing and/or partnering with KTM, and you've got a prime candidate to pick up Cannondale. If they buy C-dale then we will have a cutting-edge, reliable, American-made dirtbike with a huge dealer base. We can only hope, and if and when it happens, line up to buy one because they will be awesome.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

The cannondale probably would of done really well if they had just made a normal bike instead of fuel injected and that backwards engine. They have that TwinSpar frame which is susposed to be great and they have Ohlins suspension which is susposed to be some of the best out there.

I agree. Cannondales situation really upsets me. I was really hoping that they would've succeeded. The fuel-injection seems a little complexed for dirt bike, it has it's advantages but at what cost? You've got to give them major points for having huge balls and building a great machine from scratch. I have always considered myself a very patriotic person and have always bought American cars and trucks. In my head I thought I'de eventually be on a Dale.. :) It would be nice if a large company with a heart as big as Cannondale would buy out the MotorSports Div. and continued to produce motorcycles.


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