xr650r dual exhaust question

yes i have used the search function and done some research but most of the posts on this subject are very old and i was going to try to get some updated information on the xr650r dual exhaust options.

do you guys know who still makes dual exhaust for the BRP, and also who has discontinued their systems?? i think it would be a good idea to get an updated list on our exhaust options since im sure alot of companies are going to stop making them as a result of the bikes being discontinued :p

also if we could get some pictures of each brand of exhaust, i would like to setup a list of dual exhaust options with several different pictures of each system. if you guys supply the pics i will make the thread with the list and pictures and maybe we can have it made into a sticky, that way anyone researching exhaust systems can just look at one thread and see all their options with pictures, and maybe even prices.

I don't know of any company that still makes a dual exhaust for the BRP. It's a shame because I think it would be the sh#% on a super-motoed XR.

well that is a real shame. i remember there was a guy on here who made his bike street legal, i believe it had like street bike wheels and all and was black. i remember i couldnt believe that it was an brp because it looked so good and one of the main things that caught my eye was the dual exhaust with dual mufflers on the back. i am sure alot of companys making parts to convert the bikes over to street legal use have also stopped making certain parts so i guess my best shot is going to be to try to find one for sale that is already setup the way i want it which is a bummer because i really like to mod things myself and make my bikes different from what everyone else has ya know :p

I have search and searched and searched to no avail for a dual exhaust for my XRR.

Barnums was the only one that used to make it, but no longer from what I have read.

Here is what I am going to try:

1. Take stock left header pipe, cut it and turn around 180 degrees to turn

to left side.

2. Cut tubing,weld to rotated header pipe.

3. Run rewelded left side header pipe with tubing back to right side exhaust


4. Use step 1&2, but instead of running left side header pipe to right side can,

run a seperate leftside exhaust can.

Like the set up on the CRF 250 with the dual exhaust.

5. If it works out for better performance as either single can or dual, I will

then make all of the header pieces from Stainless Steel.

I am going to make the header tubes equal length to keep the exhaust pulse equal and uncomplicated.

I just wish that I was a better welder.

Because this is going to take awhile.

Wish me luck...I'll need it!!!!!

The weight probably outweighs any gains....

Hardely worth all that trouble for a thumper.

Having duals on a multicylinder engine makes some sense, but duals on a single cylinder engine? The added weight of two cans hanging off the back is an issue. You aren't planning to run the number plates either? One is not going to work when you get the second can in place. If you don't run the plates, the fender is going to look goofy as they connect. Worth it for no performance gain?

Ok , two cans will weigh more than one which is a given.

All we really want is better flow and to get rid of the header pipe running around the frame down tube in front .

I would like the old Barnum's header set up but they are just non existant.

There is a company, Patevo Exhaust from France that makes it but it is very pricey.

I've got the time and the tubing along with some patience, so what the heck!!!

It can't be any worse than some of the stuff that I've seen aftermarket.

And I like to put time into my BRP, I get some satisfaction from building my own stuff.

I've got about $600 total into the whole bike so I can splurge alittle here and there.

There is a member here that bought a wheel from me by the name of bajaboundmoto I think. He does tours of Baja, and he posted some pictures of a 600 he was going to vintage race. It had a trick dual system with two mufflers. It was 1-2 years ago so I am sure you could find it in search. It was a very neat looking system. I realize you are talking about a 650r but it might give you some ideas for your architecture. He must have thought there was a real benefit to the system and he races them.:bonk:

Actually I kind of remember his pics where in the what did you do to your pig today thread.



I think his name is xrmandu or something similar. He has a dual can BRP sumo and it is bad ass.

All we really want is better flow and to get rid of the header pipe running around the frame down tube in front .

The Big Gun race series uses larger diameter head pipes, and does not run in front of the frame. :bonk:

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