Triple Clamp Pinch Bolt Torque?

I needed to make an adjustment on my fork tubes last night. I looked in my plush, well appointed, stock owners manual and noticed that it does not give the torque settings for the pinch bolts for the upper and lower clamps. Anybody know off hand? I'm pretty sure the top ones are 22 ft lbs, but I have no clue for the bottom ones. I'm heading out to Ocotillo Wells tonight. Thanks in advance! :)

Top bridge pinch bolts - 20 ft. lbs.

Bottom bridge pinch bolts - 24 ft. lbs.

Or you can do like the Air Force does - torque it 'till it smokes then peen it over :)

Thanks Dutch, You Da Man! :)

A word of warning to fellow XR650R owners reading this thread. At about 2 years old, both my right hand fork

pinch bolts snapped on tightening. I was nowhere near the recommended torque setting. I had to pay a machine shop to drill out the remnants. I now have 2 horible looking

bolts with nuts instead.

Also, my advice to those of you with relatively new pigs is

to take out your three sidestand mounting bolts and coat

them with antisieze paste before they stick fast to the

Aluminium frame.

cheers, Craig

My bolts sheared as well. Brand new 2 weeks old.. Crap Honda bolts.I was no where near 20lbs, I bought new bolts and drilled the old ones out

marcw, what bolts did you use to replace the stock bolts? Are there better/stronger bolts available? Seems like a good preventive measure to head'em off at the pass, pilgrim.

My Honda dealer gave me 8 new bolts and said " yeah Honda bolts do tend to shear.. we use stronger ones.

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