hard starting

i have a 2007 yz450f, and it is a pain in the but to start when i get it out of winter storage. i live in northern wisconsin and its about 40 to 50 degs out. i did every thing by the book to put it away for the winter. please help i wont to ride. thanks:rids e: i put new fluids and air filter,plug. did not clean jets. it did not start just kicked and kicked

Most everyone is going to need a little more info to help you out. Will it not start at all? Or does it just take a lot of kicks to get it started? Was it stored with gas in it? If so drain the old gas, and take out your jets and clean them. Then put some fresh gas in it. A fresh plug wouldn't hurt anything either.

I live in Iowa and when I pulled my bike out of storage it was in the 50 to 60 degree F range, but the building it was in was colder inside. I kicked it for a long time and finally ended up letting it stand in the sun to warm it up for a bit. Thats usually what I have to do to get it started in colder temps, either put it in a heated shop or let it sit in the sun if its warm enough. These bikes are a bit cold blooded. specially after sitting for awhile. Hope this helps.

Fresh plug, drain old gas from tank and carb which if stored by the book should have been done. Your carb probably could us a cleaning if it wasn't drained and fogged. Also it could just be that if all is empty you'll just need to kick the hell out of it until it gets primed up with fuel. My buddy works at a suzuki dealer says the new bikes take alot of kicking to get running.

Hope this helps.

You probably have running already though.

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