98 WR400 Valve Shims and Clearance

Can someone help, as I have looked through this manual a couple of times now trying to find out what the measurement should be when Im checking the valve clearance and also what size shims do I need if a valve adjustment is needed.


Check section 3-18 of the manual. It goes through the process. Clearance should be Intake = 6 - 8 thousanths, Exhaust = 10 - 12 thou. There is a chart in that section to guide you as to what shims you need to correct any out of tollerance. It's not too hard to do if you are careful and follow the manual. Good luck.

BTW, in almost 10 years of riding my WR 400, I have only found the valves out of adjustment once, right after it was new. I also had to re-set them after putting in an 03' auto decompress cam.

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